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The road to freedom and better gear.

BLKMKT + Free America = Home sweet home.

Over the years we have collected a few bins of gear (hey, who hasn't). When it came time to selling our old/excess/unused tactical gear (to make room for new stuff, of course!), we came to the realization that the tactical community was missing a real place to exchange their bad ass gear with other like minded people that could appreciate it. Those stacks of bins, bdu's and magazines will eventually need to go somewhere...(Yes, we can hear your wife complaining about it from here) With all that in mind, was born. Now you can buy and sell in a space that is designed from the ground up to make it easy to sell, fast to get your cash, and super convenient to find great deals on new gear.

About Danielle & Justin

Have you ever seen the glorious and ever timeless Red Dawn? We are not talking about that bull shit remake where they photoshopped North Korea over the Chinese flags. We are talking about the original made in 1984. Pure Patrick Swayze gold. In Red Dawn, they refer to this mythical place called “Free America”. My husband and I started to wonder, is this something obtainable in real life? Low and behold, it is. We found our "Free America" in Idaho. Where the rights are still intact! As in, you can actually own and use a 30 round magazine...coming from California that was a shocker. Mmm the taste of freedom.

Free America, the first time

Cough, cough. Back to the point…We punched our tickets out of dictatorsville and headed for the hills of Idaho. Justin began work for Smith Optics Elite Division, marketing the best ballistic eyewear out there. He had an excellent opportunity to meet some rad people in the space (vets, we salute you!) while gathering experience in both marketing, ecommerce, and awesome tactical shit. We had both been active in the outdoors and enjoyed shooting but our time here gave us a full new perspective on how truly awesome and exciting this all is.

Bad ass kit for bad ass dudes

Fast forward a few years, we decided to follow a great mentor of both of ours, Rick Elder, over to 5.11 Tactical. We were part of a new team that would be relaunching a Made-in-America apparel manufacturing brand up in Seattle, Washington. The brand was Beyond Clothing and the gear was next level. Basically we setup a development shop for special operations forces worldwide to come in and spec out new apparel programs. Sometimes it was for top secret camo programs, other times the apparel needed to integrate with the dudes kit. One time we worked on a project that literally went from our shops sewing machines to a waiting vehicle and then literally rushed to Cargo planes waiting on the tarmac. Those planes of course were rushing some of America's finest to a far off place so they could take out some boogie men. That shit was bad ass! While at Beyond, Justin ran the Marketing/Ecommerce division while I, Danielle, was the resident “Minister of Order” - translation - ran shit, made sure our fearless leader was taken care of and the office did not burn down. We had the opportunity to interact with some of the most bad ass folks in the world and learn some really interesting tips and tricks from those at the tip of the spear.

Now, we are back in Free America and are kicking off a business of our own. Running an online business, hiking around the mountains and shooting boom sticks has always been our "American Dream". With your help, we are going to make this a reality. If you see anything that you think can be improved, have feedback on the process, or just want to say hello, give us a shout.


Danielle & Justin

ps: What are you waiting for? Start selling your tactical gear!! <3

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